Red and Green Buttons

Red Button Green Button

Did you ever come across and idea so smart and so simple that you wish you’d thought of it? Here’s one I came across just now, from Seth Godin.

It isn’t a marketing idea – so don’t ignore it if you know who Seth is and marketing isn’t your thing…

It is an ingenious project management idea that will speed your projects along just a little faster: Understanding critical path.

A quick tip – the first time I read it, I misread it and swapped red and green to fit what I would have done!  Is this an example of red/green priority blindness?


2 thoughts on “Red and Green Buttons

  1. galleman

    In our space and defense business we have a status meeting every thursday after. At this meeting the discussion first focuses on “coming due” work in the next week. The the next tiers down.

    The colored dots is a nice idea. The challenge is in the “new world order” of agile software development to have a schedule at all. The notion of sticky notes on the wall and priorities from the customer removes the notion of a critical path. Be interesting to hear how this dots idea would work there

  2. Matthew Squair

    For my sins I chair a weekly progress meeting for an embedded system project. I use a triptych of ‘what are you delivering this week, what’s next week and who are you waiting on’ as a way to capture time, dependencies and deliverables in a conversational sense. I’m thinking about how to integrate this dot idea into that. 🙂


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