Get your OATS – Personal Time Management the PM Way

How do the principles of project management apply to personal time management?

That was a question I asked myself the first time I was asked to deliver training on time management.  I had always been good at doing it and the more I thought about how, the mor I was convinced that my own approach to managing my time was rooted in my understanding of project management principles.

In PM, we start with a goal and objectives.  We then figure tasks we need to carry out to deliver the goal.  Then we estimate the duration of each task.  Finally, we schedule the tasks into a logical sequence, respecting a range of constraints:

  • Goal
  • Tasks
  • Duration
  • Schedule

When we strip the PM language away and give each step a more “everyday” sort of label, we get OATS – my method for personal time management.

Here is a video (of 5 minutes) of me speaking on this subject to an audience in London.  This was at one of my standard three-hour seminars, which I delivered here to an open audience, for Bite Size Seminars.

This extract from my popular Practical Project Management seminar shows me talking about my OATS principle for personal time management. The OATS principle is fully described in my book, Brilliant Time Management and is also featured in The Yes/No Book, which came out in November and reached Number 15 in WH Smith Non-fiction best-seller chart.

More about this and my other project management seminars at

More about Brilliant Time Management and other personal effectiveness seminars at


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