Project Scope

Last week we looked at defining a project with Goals and Objectives.  The third key component to project definition is Scope – the breadth and depth of your ambition.

In the UK, we tend to speak of scope as being the extent of the work required of the project and most commonly frame it in terms of the tasks or activities to be carried out.  In the US, as I understand it, project managers talk of scope as being about the range things, the “products” or “deliverables”, that the project will produce.  Clearly, the two views amount to the same thing, but it would be a mistake to confuse and mix the two, as there is rarely a one-to-one relationship.

Here is a video (of just over 4 minutes) of me speaking on this subject to an audience in London.  This was at one of my standard three-hour seminars, which I delivered here to an open audience, for Bite Size Seminars.

This extract from my popular Practical Project Management seminar shows me talking about the meaning of Scope in project management. Scope is a vital part of defining your project at the early stages. This is fully described in my book, Brilliant Project Leader.

Scope management is also is also an essential component of project risk management, so this is covered in Chapter 2 (Planning out Risk) of Risk Happens!

More about this and my other project management seminars at 


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