Second book on Project Management

RH&BrPLThe advance copies of Brilliant Project Leader arrived on Tuesday morning and they are looking excellent.

It will be published today, 17 November, and Amazon UK are promising availability from 23 November.

It has its own dedicated website at:

Brilliant Project Leader

“As with all Mike’s books, this provides a clear, concise and practical guide to project leadership.  This book has the ability to greatly enhance your effectiveness and capability as a project leader either through a few hours of reading or as a career reference guide.  It is a must read for all current or aspiring project leaders.”

Charles Vivian,
Head of Programme and Project Leadership,
Qedis – the UK’s #1 Management Consultancy to work for

Brilliant Project Leader is my second book about what is really my first love, professionally: Project Management.  It is entirely complementary to:

Risk Happens! Managing risk and avoiding failure in business projects

… which also has its own dedicated website at
Both websites have a large selection of free project and risk management templates
that you can download.

Fourth Book in the Brilliant Series

4xBrilliantBooksThis is my fourth book in the Brilliant Series, two of which are in the Personal Development category, and two in Business.

I have a small dedicated website for each where you can look at the contents, review the books in the “Learn More” section,  and download the resources listed in the book.

Brilliant Business Books

Brilliant Personal Development Books

More on Leadership and the Communication side of PM

My two Management Pocketbooks each contain relevant material for project managers:

  • The Management Models Pocketbook
    contains models of leadership, motivation, team-working and getting things done, including the ultimate monitor and control process.  It is unusual in offering each model as its author described them, then interpreting and critiquing them.
  • The Handling Resistance Pocketbook
    is essential reading for any PM who faces, will face or is worried you might face resistance during your project.  It offers a powerful model to interpret the resistance you get, and a vast array of techniques to counter it.

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