Online Project Management Software

I was asked by a delegate at an open Practical Project management seminar for a recommendation for a cloud-based project management software solution.  I see lots of adverts and get lots of emails.  I store them but do not have reason to try them out.  Evaluating even a small proportion would be a time-consuming task that fits neither what I want to be doing, nor what I have the skills to do well.

But in offering a list for evaluation, I had a chance to collate the websites I was aware of, and thought I would share it.

This list is not comprehensive and neither do I endorse any of the products.  Each will have its strengths and weaknesses – it will be good at some things and poor at others.  The websites are presented in alphabetical order, so please don’t think that position in the list means anything other than a convention in the sequencing of phono-glyphs.

It excludes any that are dedicated to IT, sytsems or Agile-style projects (as I don’t have much experience in that area and my contact does property projevcts).  It includes some collaboration and time management solutions that many of my readers would not consider true project management software.

As always, decide your requirements, shortlist against these, and then try a few out.

Please do give USER experiences of any of these in the comments and note that I will remove any comments that look defamatory or have an undeclared interest.

Paid with free trial


Free/Free with Premium options

Downloadable Freeware/Shareware with evaluation

This does not have the cloud advantages of easy sharing and no hassles with installation/configuration (which is an issue for many of the PMs I work with who are blocked from installing solutions on work PCs by their IT departments)


6 thoughts on “Online Project Management Software

  1. Michele Alise (@fluxappeal1)

    Thanks for the list Mike. I tried Central Desktop and Ace Project, neither of which made sense to me – going to check out some of these others. I’m currently using Clocking IT, which is totally free with unlimited projects. I’ve been pretty happy with it so far, however, there are no instructions, so one has to sort of dig in 😉 But you can’t beat it for the price!

    1. Mike Clayton Post author

      Michele – again, thank you. Looking through the website, this does look rather good and, as you say, it is free and unlimited. Anyone for whom the feature set looks about right would be crazy not to evaluate it.

  2. Ramya Kneti

    Unleash is an integrated solution for managing projects, collaborative Gantt scheduling, real-time reporting, bug tracking / QA, document management etc. The tool is fast, easy and builds on principles of team empowerment, increased communication, transparency, and collaboration.
    Thanks & Regards

  3. Biziix Project Management System

    From Mike: I allowed this comment. I know it is an advert, but you may be interested. Caveat Emptor, however. I have not even looked at their website. With this…

    Hello Feature- rich Bizixx PMS designed to keep track of day to day work, Project progress, ‘Smart’ bookmarks & recurring Invoices, events, Live Chat, miniCRM, file sharing and auto reminders for pending invoices make it a truly powerful project management tool. Try Free Demo on



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