Hindhead Tunnel – Let’s Celebrate a Project Success

It’s all too fashionable to criticise failed and failing public sector projects and yes, okay, I’ll put my hand up!

So let’s take a moment to celebrate a trumph: a Government project that has come in on schedule, within budget, and to praise ofr its technical accomplishments.

The A3 Hindhead TunnelThe £371m road scheme is intended to eliminate a notorious congestion hotspot on the A3, at Hindhead, and will restore the spectacular Devil’s Punchbowl and Hindhead Common as a single unified site of natural beauty and recreational amenity.   This is an internationally prized area of countryside and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

I will declare an interest: my wife and I decided to live where we did and avoid another great town, because of the delays cause travelling the A3 between London and its southern end – despite predicting that the tunnel would drive up property values due to the reduced journey times to London.  My second interest is that we have enjoyed the Devil’s Punchbowl as a gentle walking location.

So, Hurrah for the Highways Agency, and their principal contractor, Balfour Beatty.  Learn more about the team that delivered this project, here.

BBCThe BBC has a couple of nice videos of the tunnel – from inside and above – and some inevitable quotes from Philip Hammond – Transport secretary.

Highways AgencyFor technical details, check out the Highways Agency website, and their press release.

The “so what?”

There isn’t anything available yet about how the project team evaluate this project, but I shall be looking out for more information.  In the meantime, let’s put their success down to good project management, risk management and project leadership – and all that those terms can mean!


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