Risk Happens! is Published

Risk Happens! by Mike Clayton

It is nearly a year since I started work on
Risk Happens! and there have been some
bumps along the way.

Well, there would, wouldn’t there?
Risk Happens!

But Risk Happens! has now been published and
I am proud of the result.  It is, in many ways,
a landmark for me.

Risk Happens!
Managing Risk and Avoiding Failure in Business Projects

Four reasons why Risk Happens! is a landmark for me:

  1. This is my first book that is not a part of an existing series.  This meant that I had no constraints on style, and my name is not subordinate to the series branding.
  2. It is my first book with Marshall Cavendish Business, for whom I hope to write another book this year (more soon…).
  3. It was the first title that came through an approach to me, from a publisher, rather than a pitch and formal proposal.  They saw this blog, and liked it.
  4. And, finally, it is my first book about project management, which is, after all, my first love professionally.  I have another project management book, Brilliant Project Leader, due out in the autumn.

Risk Happens! Website

You can learn more about Risk Happens! at the microsite I have created.  In particular, you can see:

My Thank-yous

First of all, thank you.  Yes, you.  My reader.  If it had not been for this blog and the fact that you were reading it, Marshall Cavendish would never have approached me to write Risk Happens!

Thank you too, to my publisher at Marshall Cavendish, Martin, and my editor, Justin, for believing in the book and letting me write it my way.  Marshall Cavendish are working hard to build a world class list of business titles and the Marshall Cavendish Business Bookshop has lots of enticing books already.

And finally, thank you to all of the fantastic project management bloggers out there, who take the time to write about Risk Management – many of them for no other reason than because they love PM and the ideas around it.  Three of you have been particularly influential in guiding my thinking on one or another aspect of risk.

I would like to particularly acknowledge and recommend the blogs of:

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