Top Added Value Project Management Technique

Since I run a seminar called Practical Project Management, I felt honour bound to join the group of that name on LinkedIn.

Aliaa Kudmani asked:

“What is the most effecient and added value technique you recommend to project management professionals?”

What a great question.  I felt compelled to answer in the spirit of my last blog post, about NPfIT.

My Recommendation

For me it is not so much a technique as a concern: concern yourself with people.

People deliver projects and people resist projects. So excellent team focus inwardly and stakeholder focus outwardly is key. I suppose the technique that best supports both of these is listening – lots of added value and zero cost.

Now that’s an impressive RoI!

Brilliant Project Leader

Regular readers will know that I am working on Brilliant Project Leader for publication by Pearson Prentice Hall in the autumn.  This is very much my motivation throughout that book.

Do, by the way, contact me via LinkedIn if you wish.


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