Is EPOxy the Project Management Methodology for the coming decade?

Agile is ten years old – or at least the Agile Manifesto was published in 2001.  And some would say it is coming of age.  In some contexts it is used successfully every day and in others, work is underway to adapt it to be fit for purpose where some of the precepts of the manifesto are inappropriate.

“Extreme Prioritisation of Objectives”

EPOxy, as it is written, is about nailing your objectives hard and not allowing any shift.  If this methodology really takes off, perhaps I’ll have to shut this blog down.

EPOxy is a radical reaction against the agility that often leads to unaccountable changes in project specification, scope or even objectives, and its founder, Dr Averil Töricht, sees it as a way of beating all forms of project creep.

How EPOxy works

EPOxy mixes two components of sound project management: good governance and careful scoping, to create a strong, stable statement of objectives that are almost impossible to shift.

For fuller details, see this handy assessment.

The “so what?”

Is this such a silly idea?  I think not.


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