Earned Value Aide Memoire

As a consultant, I quickly learned the value of having tools and techniques at my finger tips.  Glen Alleman recently described the way that, in the environments that he works in, contractors gather many “badge tags” on lanyards around their necks.

I didn’t, so had to keep a handy little notebook in my bag.  I seized on my first Palm Pilot in 1996 to put all that valuable info into my jacket pocket, including a crude representation of a scrappy image showing the key concepts of Earned Value Analysis (EVA).

In truth, I rarely used that information. Most of my readers will not be users of Earned Value Management (EVM) methods either.  However, knowledge is power, they say.  Certainly, the ability to quickly access and deploy a technique as powerful as EVM will give you more control over your project, so:

  1. Make sure you understand EVM methods.  Take time now to research it.  Sadly, I am no expert, so shan’t be offering that information here.  Look to others who are – like Glen.
  2. Get yourself a cheat sheet to ensure you can access the definitions accurately as soon as you need them.

… which is all a long way round of saying:

EVMCheatSheet1Glen Alleman has posted a fabulous EVM resource on his blog.  All the key definitions of EVM on two sheets.  Glen suggests printing them, laminating them and putting them on your lanyard.

I shall be downloading them, turning them into a pdf, and putting them on my iPhone.  My carrier may not provide reliable signals, but at least, unlike Glen, I am able to take my phone onto my clients’ sites.


The “so what?”

Thank you Glen.  If any of my readers are also EVM users, do take a look, and acknowledge Glen’s generosity too.


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