Change Management Maturity – Needed Soon

Project management maturity models have become commonplace.  Far rarer is a maturity model for Change Management.

Why is Change Management Maturity rarely Defined?

The answer, I think, is because so few organisations actually demonstrate maturity in this arena.  Managing change well, lags behind good project management and, as a discipline, Change Management is less well defined.

Who, after all, would want to adopt a Change Management Maturity Model, only to find their organisation struggling to get off the bottom rung?

What would the bottom rung look like?

The term “maturity model” suggests a metaphor of the stages of life, so I could re-phrase the question as where to start, metaphorically?  With the “mewling, puking” infant, maybe?  Or with the unborn child, perhaps?  Maybe even at conception, with the idea of what is to come?

The lowest level of maturity must be none at all – an organisation that rarely gets it right and, when it does, it is merely due to chance and good fortune.  This status is, sadly, too common.

And the other end of the Change Management Maturity Scale?

Awesome capability is the ideal.  At this end of the scale, an organisation would have systems and processes in place, a cadre of trained and skilled change managers, who understand the mechanisms and the psychology of change, and a governance structure that understands how and when to push for change, along with the wisdom to commit 100% to any initiative it endorses.

A Lot of Work Along the Way

I have been thinking a lot about this recently, and hope soon to articulate my own Change Management Maturity Model.  I want to incorporate organisational systems, governance processes, and technical skills and knowledge.  But what I am really wondering is this: how many organisations are ready for this?

Comparing the demand for Project Management and Change Management speakers or books, the answer is worrying.  But this is important, so I shall persevere.  My assessment is that change management is today where project management was 30 years ago.  I want to make a contribution to moving things forward – if just a little bit.

The “so what?”

Good change management requires discipline, too few organisations are investing in consistent processes and training change managers, look at your own organisation and assess your capabilities objectively, lift yourself off the first level, comment on this blog


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