Change brings Glory

What a great evening I had this Wednesday

I was privileged to spend an evening at the West Kent Business Excellence Awards, as a director of Kent Trainers.  And I can proudly say that we were winners – against stiff competition.

One thing struck me above all.  Nearly all of the winners – across ten categories – had made significant changes in their business over the last year.  It struck me that this may be an important criterion in the judging of business awards; erhaps explicitly or maybe just at the subconscious level.  Never having been invited to judge one of these … *

The Hop Farm Family Park was overall winner and was explicitly cited for the transformation that the new owner had wrought.  The winner in the Innovation category, The Victoria Chart Company,  as you would expect, had created a significant change – creating a wonderful range of reward charts to support children’s development for home and professional use.

Other category winners had also created substantial change; like the winner of Outstanding Business Person, John Ashelford, the Chief Executive of Hospice in the Weald.  He has transformed the hospice by injecting massive energy into fund-raising that has taken it from a parlous state to being a thriving organisation.

The “so what?”

People are often afraid of change: don’t be.  There is no glory in being the same; embrace change, seek out change, make change happen.

* … oh yes, it may be useful for you to know that I am available for judging duty in the near future!


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